Thursday, 1 September 2011

I HATE morning sickness.

I'm in it. In the thick of "morning" sickness. I have about six or seven weeks to go of this (if this pregnancy is like the last two). I'm trying to keep my spirits up through this miserable time. There are a few things that help. One of those things is that there is a window on the wall of my shower and out that window I can see my neighbours' apple tree. It's not a crab apple tree - I can see big lovely apples when I shower and for some reason that sight seems very hopeful and happy to me. Also, I have some lemon oil and when I smell it - for a few seconds - my head is full of freshness and optimism. Another thing that brings a waft of temporary relief is hearing my boys laugh together - and I remember why I'm doing this in the first place. I'm not very good at suffering, I know that. I know some people who are pros, it seems as though they don't even flinch in the face of pain and suffering. Me, I crawl through it on my hands and knees hanging on for dear life to apple trees, lemon oil and laughter.


Bonnie White said...

So much happy news today. First I found out that Lauren is engaged officially and now that you are having another baby. You are a wonderful mother and though this aspect doesn't sound so lovely, you are courageous and willing. Congratulations.

LiNds said...

So excited for you and Snej and the boys :) It will be worth it! I just read a good scripture, too: 2 Ne 2:2
2 ... thou knowest the greatness of God; and he shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain.

Mercedes said...

that is one of my all time favorite scriptures too...although its pretty hard to imagine how the affliction of kissing the toilet several times a day will be for your gain.

maybe your baby will have the sweetest disposition on the face of the planet....but then knowing your other two delightful kids....i bet you'd get that anyway.

i'm thrilled for you and excited for the little human being who will get to have you as a mother. lucky little egg!

and i love lemon oil too...and orange and patchouli too.

RACHEL said...

How exciting. Your kids are the cutest! I can babysit all three anytime!
Morning sickness for months on truly are a champ. But these pregnancy realities are just reminding me about the option of surrogacy because I KNOW I don't suffer at all well.
Best of luck with your pregnancy. You are such a wonderful mother and you should have lots and lots of babies so they are blessed with having you as a mother. I hope you find some more sources of nausea relief.

Char said...

White ladies - I love you guys!!! Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I hope my family has as much zest, spunk and humour as yours does (that might have to wait until after the morning sickness though)