Sunday, 27 November 2011

Was I really just dreaming?

Last night I had a dream. I was in the state I am in now - pregnant and struggling - and a man came over to my house. My house in the dream was different than the one I'm in now. The house in my dream had an unusual amount of windows and a high ceiling. The man in my dream didn't ask but just brought over a ladder, bucket and cleaning supplies and got to work cleaning all of my windows. In my dream I was so grateful and was delighted to see that as he cleaned, the sun was able to shine brighter and brighter into my home. When he finished, he came to me and told me that he had been given a gift of service himself and that he was told he needed to make payment by washing some one's windows. He then said that it was now my turn to "pay it forward" and gave me a little card that had my assignment written on it. All it said was "give lots of hugs."


LiNds said...

This is precious! What a cool dream.

Eileen Young said...

A clean window brings a better view. What is going to be your service? 'To give is better than to receive".

Bonnie White said...

During a writing course, the instructor encouraged us to keep a notepad by our bed and record our dreams. Judging from your recent dream, you can see why that was important. What if you didn't pay it forward? Why was it that specific payment? What if the person you hugged turned into something else? Oooh so many story ideas. I like your pregnant dreams way better than mine. I dreamt I gave birth in a concentration camp and had to leave my baby behind.

Camille said...

I had no idea you were pregnant! Congrats :)
When are you due ?
I was with you the last time you were pregnant and I know how misrable you were. I hope it gets better for you soon :Dxxx

The Lamoreaux Family said...

I miss hearing all of your musings!! You made my day. I'm going to give more hugs today! Good luck with your pregnancy (is this 3 or 4??) Please email us your address for a Christmas card.

LiNds said...

Bonnie that's a crazy sounding dream! But it strangely makes me want to hear about more of your dreams. One of my roommates I lived with before getting married was a writer. She was also into dreams and would ask me in the mornings about my dreams and it was fun to compare notes- hear hers and she'd hear mine.