Saturday, 12 January 2013

Calling all mothers!!!

I am writing a book on Motherhood and am looking for stories from mothers (within the next month ideally - sent to: charlamajeran at gmail dot com)

This would be a space for women to share their experiences anonymously in order to be able to find true, honest accounts of women in the trenches of motherhood. If you feel you have a story to share please do. If you have friends who you think have a story to share could you tell them about this (I would be forever grateful). Hopefully mothers from all walks of life will be able to read these stories and feel connected to the sometimes disconnected army of mothers out there. I truly believe that our honest voices sharing the good, the bad and the ugly can be a solace and help to other women who sometimes have to struggle alone.

I am looking for stories from the following two categories:
1) The worst and most difficult times of your mothering experience. I'm looking for tales of loneliness, isolation, bordom, anger, depression, financial struggles, difficult pregnancies/birth stories, the death of a child, single parenting. What has been the hardest part of being a mom for you?

2) The best of times of their mothering experience. I am looking for tales of happinesses found, fulfillment, growth, love, laughter, discovering the joy of motherhood, experiences of God guiding you in your efforts, miracles, angels attending. I would also appreciate tales of finding joy, comfort and support from other mothers/women in your life.

please send stories to: charlamajeran at gmail dot com
(a repost to women I am not able to reach would be greatly appreciated) Thanks to all!