Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cause there's a million ways to be...

Heard this song on the radio a while ago and it kind of stuck with me. It just made me happy to hear it for some reason.

This reminds me of a quote I put up on my wall when I was in university:

"Never be afraid to tread the path alone. Know your path and follow it wherever it may lead you. Do not feel you have to follow in someone else's footsteps."

~Eileen Caddy in "Footprints On The Path"

I think goodness is not in following someone else's lead OR in blazing your own trail but in knowing when in your life it's appropriate to do either one.


Bonnie White said...

I have listened to Cat Stevens for many years but I have never heard this song. And it may be happy to hear it too. You are a wise woman Char. Don't you want to come to Calgary, hang out with me and your cute little boys for a few days?

Char said...

I totally want to come to Calgary and hang out with you for a few days...but not pregnant. Bonnie, I'm in this writing group now - we're meeting monthly and I really wish you could join us. Do you have a writing group in Calgary?