Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love is in the air

Scene:  Me in bed, Jord scrambling around trying to get ready for work.  He has come into the bedroom and turned the lamp on beside my bed while he changed Ruby's diaper and then left without turning the light off.  After a few minutes he returns.

Jord:  Char you have to get up, Oliver is doing a marathon poop in the bathroom and I think you'll have to drive him to school today.

Me:  Ok.  Why did you leave the light on?  I hate it - you always leave it on for me in the morning to make me get out of bed.

Jord:  I don't always do that I think I've done it twice.

Me:  Groan.

Jord:  Today's Valentine's Day, were you supposed to get Valentines day cards for Oliver?

Me:  I don't want to do that this year - there's a rule that you have to give one to everyone in the class if you're going to hand any out.

Jord:  Hmmm.  (he comes over the the bed and pats my shoulder.)  Well Happy Valentine's Day.

Me:  If you want to show your love for me turn that light off!

Lamp:  Click

Nice.  Very Romantic don't you think?   When I was going through Military Basic Training someone told me that you are not responsible for anything you do up to a minute after being woken up.  So if you woke up to your Sergeant yelling in your face and you pushed him away telling him to get lost - you'd be shown a bit of grace.  I don't know how much and I don't know if that was actually just an old army legend but it seemed fair.   Same rule applies in my marriage - Jord already knows that I have a certain amount of immunity first thing in the morning.