Sunday, 28 August 2011

love is in the air

This is a lovely little song that some old roommates and I sang at a wedding for a former roommate of ours this past week-end. We changed the words in the chorus to:

"You, two and the candles will be all that you need. Your faces bathed in the firelight will be all you want to see. And he'll still sing you a song, to last the whole night long. You, two and the candles..."

I've been to a lot of weddings this year, three this summer. Different couples, different dynamics, different reasons why they love who they love. I've loved witnessing these declarations of love, hope and commitment. With each heartfelt kiss at the end of the ceremony, it seems as though there's no way their beautiful love won't last forever.
Enter real life + time.
It seems to be getting tougher and tougher for people to stay together, stay committed, and stay fighting in the trenches of life together. I don't know why some make it and some don't. It's been nice though to have been reminded this summer of what a blessing it is to be married, to have someone by your side, and to have the opportunity to create a little piece of heaven on earth with your partner. Commited love can create so much beauty and happiness in our lives. So if you're reading this, go give your hubby(or wifey) some love, perhaps you could light some candles as well.


Bonnie White said...

I have often wondered too what makes marriages work and why some don't. Tomorrow B and I celebrate our 31st. His friends skeptically gave us 6 months. He still thinks I'm the best thing that happened to him; I still admire his judgement and point of view. I think one of the secrets of good marriages is knowing when to light the candle and when to blow it out;)

Char said...

Wow, 31 years is an accomplishment. I have this memory of B coming home from work one day and you rushing to greet him and literally jumping into his arms with your legs wrapped around him. I thought that was so fantastic.