Monday, 6 June 2011

Dial M for Murder...

Tonight, for no reason in particular, I decided to pick up a bucket of chicken and swing by Jordan's work to pick him up. When I saw him, he mentioned that there was a house just listed an hour before and the price was fantastic. As we drove along beautifully treed streets, we headed closer and closer to the lush river valley. I was getting excited. Finally we made a turn onto the street of my dreams. Quiet, big trees, lovely houses - we pulled up to the house, I turned to Jordan and said "let's buy it!". We drove two blocks to a beautiful park, ate chicken, watched the kids play and thought to ourselves that this could be our new home. Jord thought I should go by again and see if I could perhaps take a peek inside. There were a few people in front: someone coming to look, their realtor and a neighbour. I approached the crowd and was chatting about the neighbourhood - the neighbour seemed to know a lot about the state of the house, he was very interesting to talk to. The woman who lived there previously was a 49 year old woman who was a pipe fitter. The reason for the sale is the woman's daughter (who has children of her own), walked into the house and killed her mother.

Is that a legitimate deal breaker? It is for me. Irrational? Maybe.

Would any of you buy a house where a murder had recently taken place?


Mercedes said...

go for it. a great house at a good price in a great neighbourhood is a real estate home run.

nothing beats edmonton's river valley!

so the place has a little history. i say that kind of stuff makes a place more charming.

just paint it to get rid of any creepy vibes (and/or dedicate it just to cover all your bases).

LiNds said...

My first impresion was 'NO!' It's a deal breaker, but so much can be said for the neighborhood - that helps. Also, your gut feeling is a good guide!

Char said...

@Mercedes - I want to be able to get past the whole creepiness factor but I just can't! Jordan just found out it was a quite a violent murder - the woman was bludgeoned to death.

@LiNds - My gut is screaming no on this one.