Saturday, 4 June 2011

"My gut is telling me no...but my gut is also very hungry." - Gob from Arrested Development

What is intuition? I'm finding different people bring different definitions to the table when they speak of it. One of the ways I've heard it explained (which seems close to my own experience with it) is: It's when someone processes various bits of external information in a non linear fashion and then comes to a decision based upon concrete variables and facts but manifested by a strong gut feeling rather than a line of rational thoughts. I also think that when one opens themselves to being counselled by their intuition, they are inviting any whisperings of the divine to be seamlessly calculated into their equation as well.

"[intuition] is a heightened awareness of themselves and what's going on in their system. Some folks that are easy to observe with this in mind are sports people. They seem to be able to process a lot of information very fast. They spot patterns much sooner than non-experts.

They arrive where the ball is going before the ball even gets there. Or they change what they are doing in an instant for no apparent reason, and it turns out to be the right thing to have done. Or they switch tactics because of a seemingly inconsequential move on the part of their opponent. And they end up winning."

I think the sports analogy is interesting. There seems to be different kinds of intuitive reasoning. I've found relying on my own intuition to be very helpful in a lot of different areas of my life and have found myself thinking about this very process a lot lately.

p.s. did I mention we are house hunting?


Mercedes said...

we are too!

michael carey method on choosing a place to live:

-it is close to work. perfect.

mercedes white method on choosing a place to live:

-i think the paint colour here will make me anxious.
-the feng shui isn't working.
-there are stains all over the carpet!
-i can't make a decision in one day!

he probably thinks i am being such a pain--but when it comes to where you are going to live--you've got to feel good about the space (and the neighbours).

2x2momma said...

I have been hoping and praying and wishing hard that a house we are a backup offer for would fall out of escrow, and yesterday we got a call from our realtor that it did! If all goes well we will be in escrow on it tomorrow. I don't know if it was all the wishing and hoping or what...

LiNds said...

The intuition thing and defining it by mentioning sports players is a perfect definition of Spencer- he knows where the ball is going before anyone, it seems. Hopefully this will help when we house hunt!

Char said...

@Mercedes - I totally agree with you. I think the decision ought to feel right. Sounds like Michael is being as patient with you as Jordan is with me. Good luck with the hunt!

@2x2momma - I saw pics of the house and yard on your Mom's! Looks incredible, congrats!!

@LiNds - I had no idea Spencer was an athletic intuitive of sorts. That guy just keeps getting more and more impressive as time goes on.