Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dick van dyke unplugged.

by Carol Lynn Pearson

When she learned that she
Didn't have to plug into
Someone or something
Like a toaster into a wall

When she learned that she
Was a windmill and had only
To raise her arms
To catch the universal whisper
And turn
She moved.

Oh, she moved

And her dance was a marvel.

I think it's kind of scary to unplug - it takes confidence or faith or something gutsy anyway. I guess being a chimney sweep has it's advantages...there aren't as many power outlets to plug into...just you, lots of soot and a desperate prayer that you don't fall off your roof.


2x2momma said...

How wonderful that you are starting a blog! I love it ;) Is that one of the ways you're becoming unplugged?

LiNds said...

I love this post! You are so thoroughly deep and I love hearing your thoughts. This idea of unplugging kind of reminds me of faith in a way too... unplugging is like becoming free, detached from the wall (haha), and moving a few steps forward. You're probably stepping into the dark, but with faith you trust that the Lord will provide light- maybe in the form of support in your next venture- the strength to do that next thing (make dinner?) even though you're so tired!

Mercedes said...

you had me at: a poem by carol lynn pearson.

she freaking rocks. so do you.

Char said...

@2x2momma - ya, I guess it is. I think materializing your creative energy is a good way to open your ears to that "whisper" - I think you tap into that quite often on your own blog. Thanks for the encouraging comment!

@LiNds - "detached from the wall" good line Linds! I think you're right about the faith bit. Thanks for sending your love my way!!

@Mercedes - She's pretty amazing, I agree. Thanks so much for dropping a comment - I hope you keep up your blog - I love reading it!

Mac said...

Char, it is great to hear from you.
I sometimes wish there was a plug, but I have learned to live with lots of soot and desperate prayers as you said.

Char said...

@Mac - I miss you! I hope you can come visit us sometime this summer - we can clean soot together.