Monday, 23 May 2011

Got an extra 15 minutes kicking around?

I think the pictures in this video seriously detract from the music (you might want to avert your eyes or just shut off the monitor) but there are a couple of cool shots of Moscow at the end.

The first minute and fifty three seconds is my favorite part of the entire piece - it evokes the same feelings that swell when I think of some of my most cherished childhood memories: apple blossoms, my mother's sweetness and the look of sunshine glistening on spring puddles. Then the music loses it's sweetness - tension and struggle enter the scene. I think we all know how the story ends but if you haven't listened to it in a while - why not - what a miracle that you can listen to Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture whenever you feel like it!

I'd love to know what music makes you happy....recommendations anyone?


Krista said...

First things that come to mind: Elgar's Enigma Variations and Brahms 3rd Piano Sonata - 2nd Movement. They're long but such things require more time than the 30 second salesman at your door.

Char said...

@Krista - Thanks for that. Brahms 3rd piano sonata was lovely - found it on youtube:

Looking forward to Elgar...

Joan said...

I'm sooo glad some of your most cherished childhood memories are your mother's sweetness and sunshine sparkling on spring puddles!!

Thank you!

Char said...

@Joan - love you!