Tuesday, 31 May 2011

In the beginning...

One of the reasons I started this blog is because music, art, literature all have helped me maintain my sanity during this busy, messy, labour intensive time in my life. So I thought I'd start a blog featuring some things that I've enjoyed having sit in my own soul a while to keep it company - a poem, a song, a thought, a picture...

On youtube, amoung the comments written about the song below was this one: "My daughter's name is Connie (aged 8) and we have a special place where we go to remember her Daddy, this song has touched us so much."

I really love any effort by humankind to create - it's good for the creator and it's good for...whoever stumbles upon it, identifies with it and has an experience with it. The following song is one of my favorites to listen to - such a fresh little piece.

Colours of the rainbow a new gift with each new sun
Green green and sacred from all its drink
And all its love
Connie stands with pride here
She offers thanks with all her heart
For here in this garden beneath these trees
She is at one,
She is at one

An olive tree for peace selected stones and a totem
The symbols of her blessings to Mother Earth
For all she's done
A precious life was lost here
But spirit grows as time moves on
With each breath of wind his presence felt
Smiling down, Smiling down

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