Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ways to make the winter a little warmer

Story shared on the random acts of kindness website:

It's Snowing
Photo by Patti O'Shea

One day, the entire city got nearly 3 feet of snow. Around 2PM before i set off to work, I decided to shovel my driveway along with my neighbours. I chose to do their driveway first cause it seemed like a harder task. After 1 hour of shovelling, I finished their driveway. Right as I was about to start mine, I got a call from my boss asking me if I can come to work earlier because many people called-in sick. I said OK and I walked to work with my driveway undone. After I got back from work, I asked my dad if he finished the driveway himself, to which he responded "The neighbours did it".

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