Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Rooftop

The past two years of my life have been pretty crazy.  I went through a worse than difficult pregnancy, I was sleep deprived for a good 8 months after the birth and my older two boys have the energy and power of hurricanes.  There have been mornings in the not so distant past that I have woken up yelling.  Yeah, not in a great place.  I was living in survival mode.   But now, I'm feeling so much better, I'm sleeping through the night and I've figured out tricks to calm and manage hurricane season.  Now, I think it's time to consider living like a human being again, you know looking a little bit more outward than inward if I can.    I was just watching a CBC program about how we in Canada (it also included the US and the UK) seem to have ditched some common decency - manners, courtesy and respect.  The program highlighted a movement in the UK called Join Me.  The movement encourages random acts of kindness and some people who have joined have committed to doing more things like buying a hungry looking stranger a sandwich, or giving a ten dollar bouquet of flowers to someone hanging out in the park.  And now that I'm not in that self-centered living that new mothering brings, I thought maybe I should try some little efforts myself.  I started today and ACTUALLY e-mailed someone back who had thanked guests in a group e-mail for coming to her son's birthday party.  I wrote to her that Oliver had a blast and that he said it was the best birthday party he had ever been to. If I were her I would really love an e-mail like the one sent.....I almost didn't send it, that's how lazy I am.  But I'm ok with baby steps.  Don't judge, just love.


Mama Mary said...

You go girl!!

Char said...

Thanks Mama Mary!!