Thursday, 10 May 2012

Here's lookin' at you kid.

I had a nightmare when I was about six months pregnant that I was trapped in a maze.  The walls and ceiling of the maze were made of mirrors.   I remember feeling so scared in my dream that I would be forever trapped in a maze where all I had to look at and consider was myself.  I think that's what hell will be like. 

The link below takes you to byu tv.  The show featured is one of my favorite episodes in the Turning Point series.  It features a few serious musicians in New York who volunteer at a local hospital by performing for the residents.  Heart warming and definately inspiring.  I highly recommend watching.


Bonnie White said...

What an interesting thought about hell focusing only on ourselves. That would make me want to knash my teeth! Thanks for the recommended movie clip.

Coleen said...

I love how you juxtapose that gruesome mirror/maze nightmare with the link to the volunteer musicians.
Thanks for sharing :)