Tuesday, 31 January 2012

"Songs to not die to"

One of my dearest and oldest friends e-mailed me the other day asking how I was doing. This was just before I found out I was iron deficient. My reply was dark and foreboding. She immediately replied that she was going to send me something in the mail. It came yesterday. Two different kinds of specialty tea, an adult Arab looking comic book (haven't had a chance to really sit down with it yet) a chocolate, a copy of the movie Nacho Libre, two CD mixes, one of which she named "Songs to not die to" and a letter of encouragement with a kind of "we're not gonna take it" tone to it. That package was heaven to open and kind of reminded me of why I started this blog in the first place. In my blog description I write "The musings of a...dime a dozen human being who happens to love the view from a rooftop" and I feel like my friend sent me some fantastic rooftop views in her package. I appreciate looking at the big picture which sitting on a rooftop offers, but for me the metaphor of sitting on a rooftop also includes seeing the beauty life has to offer from a unique perspective. I'm grateful for poets and musicians, songwriters, novelists, painters, architects - people who create beauty, fun and food for thought. I have honestly been too exhausted to enjoy any rooftop views lately but since I've been taking iron for the past week or so I've been feeling more up to sight seeing. I think my friend's package came at just the right time.

Here's the first song on the CD mix "songs to not die to":

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