Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Seizing Up

I've had a really lame day. Overly hormonal and on the verge of tears all day with intermittent breaks in the dam - this song (which once inpired me) today enrages me as I sit here with heartburn, aching hips and a dark cloud hanging over my head. I want to seize my days but all I can manage right now is to tolerate them and I hate that. Growing a baby... maybe that should've made it into the video, perhaps it's not romantic or ambitious enough but I'd love to see a scene where a big old pregnant lady waddles around and then flops down on the couch with a frown as a toddler aggressively jumps on top of her and demands yet another glass of milk. Did I mention I've had a really lame day?


Tricia said...

Funny that I just read this lovely article today.

Bonnie White said...

How ironic as I was sent the same article Tricia by a young mom in my ward. I can say that older women don't usually remind us with unmarried adult children to enjoy every minute. I have been guilty of telling young moms to enjoy it. I think what I really mean to say is that I miss it and that nothing has compared to those challenging, demanding, minute filling days. I have time now and space to pursue my own goals and agenda but what I learned too late is that it can be pretty empty. And so maybe that is why when we see you young mothers with your carts full and your babies in the buggy we feel that emptiness. YOu become the CFO and the CEO of your little family and you plan trips and adventures and your making all kinds of decisions that impact the whole family and then one day you are fired from your job. Not because you are incompetent but because you are redundant because they have started their own "companies". I digress. Lame days aside, you touched my heart today.

Char said...

Tricia - thanks so much for that link, I laughed, I cried (of course). Just what I needed to read yesterday.

Bonnie - I loved your analogy of being fired as CFO and CEO of your family. But I'm sorry you got made redundant and I'm kind of sorry I will someday as well...I really do appreciate your perspective - the emptiness you speak of...I can understand missing the little ones around. I know I will as well.