Monday, 18 July 2011

a good life

I wrote the following in a journal of mine a couple of months ago:

"aprons and open windows
chubby bums, laughter, soap bubbles
the good life"

Sometimes it is that good ladies... it really is. There is, I'm sure, a counter poem lurking within myself as well - too dark to pull out on a lovely summer day like this. But when I have a great day staying home with the boys, I kind of feel like I've earned it. I've been working at being happy as a stay at home mom for over four years now (it's taken me a while to adjust). And even though I still sometimes struggle with this role, I'm getting better y'know - and sometimes it is that good ladies... it really is.


2x2momma said...

I agree this is the good life, there ae so many wonderful amazing little moments. There are also the ones that drive me crazy. Learning to see and focus on the good can be a painful process at times, but well worth it

Mercedes said...

you give me hope char! maybe it is all about expectations. if you expect it to be great all the time... you got problems. but if you go in knowing that sometimes it will be great and sometimes.....

maybe that is the trick?

what do i know.

Char said...

2x2momma - I always feel like I can express myself honestly to you, the good, the bad and the ugly - thanks for that.

Mercedes - I think managing expectations is a really important part of finding joy in life.

The motherhood gig - you'll love it and hate it but you'll never regret it.